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  • Multisensor 6 by Aeotec front
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    One tiny device packed full of intelligence. A smart home is only truly smart when it’s intelligent. A smart home has to offer more than a schedule; it has to react to what’s occurring in a home in real-time. MultiSensor 6 is the foundation of a modern smart home; within its perfectly small exterior lies all the technology for real-time intelligence.

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    Aeon Labs Recessor For Multisensor 6

    Multisensor 6 is smartest and most subtle Z-Wave sensor available. Within its impossibly small design it features 6 different Z-Wave sensors, effortlessly monitoring a room and making your connected home all the more intelligent.

    With Recessor, the impossibly small Multisensor 6 becomes even more smaller. In fact, it becomes nearly invisible, sitting only 0.04 inches within a room.

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    Instantly add Z-Wave wireless control to any plug-in device by plugging it into the Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Smart Switch, Gen5. The switch simply plugs into a power outlet, and your device plugs into the switch. With Z-Wave Plus certification, the Gen5 Smart Switch is compatible with all major Z-Wave hubs and controllers.

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    Plug the Z-Stick to your laptop or computer. Install all necessary drivers and your software of choice. Enjoy full control over your new Z-Wave network!


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    Z-Wave Micro Smart Switch
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    The Aeon Labs Micro Smart Energy Switch is a low-cost Z-Wave appliance switch specifically used to enable Z-Wave command and control (on/off) for existing in-wall switches.

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    The Aeon Labs Minimote is a Z-Wave remote that allows you to control your smart things in multiple ways using configurable button presses. Control lights, locks, and even Routines directly from the Minimote. You have the option to tap or hold any of the four buttons, giving you eight total possible actions to perform. Keep one on your bedside or living room table for an easy way to trigger your lights and devices directly from the remote. Don’t let its size fool you—it’s tiny yet powerful!


    • Highly intuitive and easy to use
    • Small form factor and aesthetical design 
    • Full range of Z-Wave controller functionalities
    • Can hold up to 4 scenes.
    • Internal lithium battery rechargeable via USB


  • Aeon Labs Z-Wave Panic Button
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    The Aeon Labs Z-Wave Panic Button is designed to be carried anywhere, so you have it when you need. One button control multiple devices.

  • Smart SwitchAeon Labs Z-wave Smart Switch 2
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    Aeon Labs Z-wave water sensor

    Capable of both detecting leaks and floods as well as when the level of water gets too low in a pool or tank. Water Sensor can work with your Z-Wave network to prevent emergencies and save costly water damage.  Great for detecting low water levels in fish tanks!