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  • Fibaro Advanced KitFibaro Home Center 2
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    Fibaro Advanced Kit. Six intelligent devices with Home Center 2 will upgrade your home automation system to endless possibilities.  Allow GPS tracking and voice control for total automation.

  • Fibaro Deluxe KitFibaro Home Center 2
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    Fibaro Deluxe Kit. Six intelligent devices with Home Center 2 and Push Control will upgrade your home automation system to endless possibilities. Not only manage lighting, sprinkles or doors but also cameras, alarm system and access control for peace of mind.

  • Fibaro Starter KitHC Lite Bundle
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    Fibaro Starter Kit. Five intelligent devices with Home Center Lite will introduce you to a smarter way of living. Control lights or sprinklers depending on weather conditions or time of the day.

  • HC Lite BundleFibaro Relay Switch 1 x 3.0kW
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    HC Lite bundle is designed to ease you into the concept of home automation while giving you plenty of room to expand.. The Bundle includes: The new Home Centre Lite, 2 Dimmers and 2 Relays (choose from Double Relay 2×1.5 kW or Single Relay 1×3 kW)  for you to setup as you like.

  • Home Center 2 Group
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    This Bundle is designed for customer who are interested in whole house automation for their own property. This bundle comes with the tried and tested Fibaro Home centre 2 ,which supports advanced LUA scripting support.