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Fibaro is Compatible with the Largest Number of Mobile Phones.

When creating the Fibaro System, we strove for the greatest possible compatibility with mobile phones from various manufacturers. You almost always have your mobile phone on you, and now, thanks to your phone, you can have your entire house “on you”. The Fibaro System is comprised of many components. The application which operates on iPhone, NOKIA, LG, SAMSUNG, SONY ERICSSON, HTC and many other mobile phones is part of the system*.

Work aimed at developing applications for new mobile phone models are underway. In order to satisfy the needs of our Customers who own non-standard mobile phone models commanding only a small market share, we have developed a special website for system management.

If you are not sure if your mobile phone is compatible with the Fibaro System, ask your local Fibaro Network Partner about it.



*Some models may not be compatible – Please check with your Fibaro dealer.