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Fibaro Home Automation

Fibaro Home Automation

The Fibaro is considered to be the best home automation solution currently available, but what exactly separates it from the competition?
Fibaro’s wireless installation and maintenance is superior to fixed wire automation solutions. There are no cables in or outside of your walls, no need to alter any existing wiring you may have. Our modules and sensors have been designed to fit inside the chassis of existing appliances/switches; there are also no permanent attachments to home infrastructure allowing addition, redecoration, on the fly.

Z-wave Compatibility

The Fibaro is compatible with almost any other Z-wave device and will automatically attempt to learn and control them. This allows individuals with an existing Z-wave setup to easily upgrade to Fibaro and also for Fibaro users to incorporate functionalities from other Z-wave manufacturers

Cutting Edge Tech

The Fibaro is the only system currently able to monitors the exacted position of a roller blind or awning, in addition sensors and devices are monitored in such that the unit will alert you if a battery needs to be changed or a heater left on. Combined with fire and flood sensors, Fibaro ensures security, peace of mind and true home automation

Elegant Interface

The Fibaro interface is not simply just good to look at, it is filled functionality while being simplistic and elegant. Our designers have focused on the needs of our customers and have tailor made the Graphical User Interface (GUI) to be a joy to work with. With a click or a touch of a button, you can turn on/off one light, a group of lights, all the lights, or all electronic appliances. The Fibaro’s programmable blocks is natural and intuitive allow for the programming of scenes by anyone.
It is difficult to explain without prior experience, but as many converts from other Z-wave manufacturers will tell you, “home automation is meant to make things easy and going with the Fibaro ensures things will be.”

A complete System

With the Fibaro, the aim was to create a complete home automation solution for everyone, the Fibaro utilises the best of current available technologies to become better than fixed line automation while less expensive. Easier to use than most other Z-wave Automation packages while at the same time remaining compatible with them, and is most accessible and intuitive automation product currently available on the market.