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Giada Mini Computers

Our Partners at Giada, or Jade in Italian produces incredibly advanced Mini Computers for the Home/Business user. Their systems uses the latest computing technology but at a fraction of the cost ,size and Upkeep of common Desktop Systems. The Giada Computers elegant design grant its minimal electricity usage

(Approx. 30 W), translating to incredible savings for bills and expenses, Not only is the unit it self cheaper than a standard tower, it also saves the owner on running costs.

The units size advantage also allows it to be easily portable between operations and easy back up with any UPS (uninterrupted power supply), with a standard entry level UPS out putting around 300W, you can easily safeguard your work in cases of blackouts or surges.

Giada Mini Computers are also great for home entertainment purposes, being compatible with blu ray 2.0 and outputting to 1080p, there are no reasons to put up with a bulkier system. at around 2.3 kg the Giada mini computers are able to outperform intrinsic systems at their own game, in style.

Giada computers are designed with cloud computing in mind. instead of relying on stationary hard drives that may become damaged or corrupt. Giada systems is designed to access, data stores on the web. The system’s own storage system is also easily backed up ensuring you maximum security in relation to your data.

For more information please visit the Giada Homepage For more information please visit the Giada Homepage