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Heos vs Sonos

Heos vs Sonos

It is a question that will sooner or later come into any house holder who wants to experience streaming wirelessly the music throughout the house. Both product have their approach with Sonos being big player for very long time in this field.

So why did Denon make Heos system? Answer to this question seems to be straight forward: Sonos has created very good product that is completely closed (no API) and it isn’t really expanding into any new territories.

Denon decided to make its system open (API is available, so you can create your own apps), they also managed to insert second wireless card that operates in 5ghz (802.11a) so all media can be streamed in the less crowded frequency which translates to better quality and no jitters.

As for the sound, well it is hard to compare as products are different, however Heos5 vs Play:5 offers slightly lower bass. Moreover the Heos already supports USB and it will by fall of 2015 support BT.