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Home Automation Benefits

What are the Benefits of Home Automation ?

There are some very real benefits to Automating your Home, doing the same things everyday is tedious, why spend your time turning on lights, adjusting heat, and finding the remote for your T.V, everyday especially after a hard day of work, the little things can really start to inhibit you from enjoying your hard earned leisure.With Fibaro you can have your own personalised house keeper and save time in ways that you may not have thought of before.


These days, People value their time much more than in the past, Home Automation allows you to save on both time and money. in many small ways you can add to a huge surplus to the free and leisure time that you have, Think of how many times you had to check on the oven after you finished cooking, or leaving a light on through out the night. having a way to wireless control everything from any where you may be, simplify things in a way previously not considered to be possible. Not only can you turn the living room lights on and off in the bedroom, or check on your kids and security cameras with your smart phone. you can also turn your air conditioning off at work or on your way back. Lock and unlock your front door from the other side of the world. For people who have experienced full home automation, doing things the old way just feel incredibly slow and sluggish.

Green and Economical

Scientist are founding more and more evidence that underlying reasons for modern stress and insomnia may be related to the amount of light a person receives during critical times of the day and evenings disturbing the body’s inbuilt circadian clock. The point of Home Automation is not just a way of turning lights on and off, but to control your environment to suit your preference. Now, you can select a particular environment for your self so nothing is ever too much or too little. We can easily see how an Automated home with the ability to turn on and off appliances will be more economical than one that does not , but consider a universal thermostat and lighting control system that ensures appliances are used but not over used, You will save even more on electricity and the appliances themselves will last longer  . An average home spends over 50% of utility bills on Heating and Cooling related issues and by bringing these things into your control over a span of a few years, the savings will easily pay for the cost of the system.

Standby Usage, many people try their best to limit their wastage of resources, but most understand that once you turn a TV off with your remote. it is still consuming power. This is multiplied by the many hours that you are at work , sleeping and whenever your not using the appliances, so at the end of a month. the Phantom load may actually represent a significant portion of your electrical bill, with home automation, you can immediately reduce the size of your power bill by eliminating standby usage.

Often a more convenient system is representative of a economical one, this is the case with home automation. Nowadays Insurance company are willing to offer a discount on your home insurance simply because a fully automated system with security and appliance control is a lesser risk on their books. More importantly though it shows that Home Automation does increases security for you.

An Investment

Think of Home Automation as an investment for your house, An Automated house can be resold at much higher price than the cost of the system, especially if all the installation and setup are completed.Even though the installation processes are very simple, A fully integrated system is much more impressive than somethings thats on a page. And many people are willing to pay much more than the cost of the system and setup.