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Super Home

Retro Fitting with Home Automation

Home renovations and Fibaro

If you’re already looking to renovate your home, consider adding Home Automation to the list of things that make your home into a Super Home. The Fibaro system’s elegant design allows for the automation of single rooms to full house automation and you can progress on your home automation journey at your own pace.


There are many reason as to why you should think about retrofitting your home. Green retrofitting with the fibaro system will not only improve your life in the meantime but also save you costs in the long run. The Fibaro system allows you to control your, lights, HVAC, Security as wells water usage when you automate your watering systems. Why have a separate system for each of these systems when it is much more economical and easier to have the Fibaro System for all of them.

Older Homes

Upgrading an older home can be a joy, the combination of traditional aesthetics and modern convenience has a charm that can’t be easily replicated. That said, older home are also less energy efficient as they were not built with modern construction methods or designs, you cannot change the design of your home, but with the fibaro system you can have complete control over all your appliances and limit wastage.

In the long run

When you consider the money you are able to save and the improvement to your standard of living , Home automation with the Fibaro system just makes sense. Many people want to improve the resale value of their home, imagine if a prospective buyer was introduced to not only a control system for your lights, but also your security, heating and appliances, Any potential buyer will be impressed that your have taken the time to convert your home into a Super Home.