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  • B22 to E27 Light Bulb AdapterB22 to E27 Light Bulb Adapter Back
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    B22 to E27 Light Bulb converter.

    Standard white lamp holder. Useful for LED light bulb from Aeon Labs, easy to install.

    • Size: 60×30 mm
    • Weight: 25 g
    • Color: white
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    Our Controller is one of a kind, advanced remote 4-colour LED strips controller. Apart from traditional RGB channels it, also supports the additional white light channel, which allows for adding pastel colours to the colour scheme.

  • Oomi Colorstrip
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    Fill a room with beautiful light. Gently wake up to a sunrise pattern of Oomi ColorStrip to feel more rejuvenated in the morning. Fall in love with an alluring pattern or become mesmerised with lustful red hues.

  • RGB LED Flex Strip
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    The RGB LED flex strip from NationStar can light your home in different colors. This energy efficient and safe low voltage strip is flexible so you can bent them to suit different shapes.

  • Self-powered wireless switchwireless signal receiver LVR910
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    The switch is powered by generating electric energy when you press the button! The switches don't require any additional battery – it is using the energy that is already there.

  • self-powered wireless switchWireless Switch 2 Gang
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    Wireless switch will give you a great convenience – you can mount it wherever you want. Stick the switch to the glass or marble wall or just simply put on your bedside table or hide in the drawer.

  • z-wave led bulbz-wave led bulb side
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    Z-Wave LED Bulb from Aeon Labs will light your room in any of 16 millions of colors and turn it into a smart place.