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Z-wave Australia

Z-wave Australia

With the Fibaro being a relatively new product in Australia it is important to know a bit about the technology it is based on.

So what is Z-WAVE:

Z-wave is a radio protocol designed for home automation. Z-wave utilises low power, low frequency radio waves to communicate and command electronics. Being of a lower frequency, around 900 mhz. Z-wave devices are not interrupted by wifi . bluetooth and other communications in the 2.4 ghz range, combined with the fact that lower frequency signals do a better job at penetrating walls and furniture. Z-wave is a great way to control and automate any home.

MESH network

Each Dimmer, Sensor, Wall plug in the Fibaro range is also a signal repeater creating a MESH network which means you can plan your automation to easily cover the entirety of your home with the ease of a wireless system while not having to worry about signal strength.


Utilising Z-wave is much more easier than any other type of automation. Considering the time installing a wired system or the replacement of a broken component. Considering the interference from a wifi system with your home internet and network. It is then obvious why Z-wave is the prefer automation network.


Fibaro is a proud member of the Z-wave alliance and as such is compatible with almost any other z-wave device, that means if you already have a Z-wave system setup but want to upgrade to Fibaro, this is easily do-able.

Z-wave Australia

Z-wave is a new phenomenon in Australia thats fast taking root, The obvious advantages over contemporary systems is attractive to many homeowners looking to improve their lifestyle and increase their home’s value