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Super Home

Z-wave Security Solutions

Most people have some form of home security system already, whether you’re looking for a way to integrate your existing security system to your new super home or implement a new system to improve your peace of mind. There is a Super Home solution for you

Z-wave automation protocol  allows you to integrate your home security system with the rest of your home automation, enabling you to program the settings of locks, lights and alarms. Further, you are able to control all your Fibaro Z-wave devices anywhere in the world, as long as you have your password.

Consider then if in a rush, you have left your garage door open, with the Fibaro system you will be able to either program that the roller door closes itself after sometime, Or let it alert you, you can then close the door from either your phone or your work computer.

This applies to any electronic devices that have been left on. I.E Stove, Kettle. These can be programmed automatically to turn off after some time.

The Fibaro Universal sensor can be integrated into any sensor. combined with z-wave enabled locks, you can significantly reduce/ deter any theft. Upon detecting a break in, Fibaro can automatically engage all other locks and alert you to the entry/sound the alarm.

The Fibaro system allows you to access all your cameras in real time, any where you may be. Combined with the fact that Z-wave is a Wireless protocol , you can put sensors almost anywhere, ensuring absolute protection.