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Z-Wave technology

zwaveZ-Wave is an innovative, wireless communication protocol used in home automation systems. This technology is used in home electronic devices such as thermostats, alarms, lighting, air-conditioning and ventilation units, or electronic audio and video equipment.

Z-Wave is a MESH networking technology, where each device in the network is capable of sending and receiving control commands. Devices are also capable of controlling and monitoring the work of particular modules, continuously informing the central unit of their status. The Fibaro System devices are based on Z-Wave technology, thanks to which they can work individually or in groups, communicating with one another, providing you with indefinite home automation management possibilities. Every module has to undergo a rigorous and complex trial conducted by the technology owner and subsequently is awarded a certificate of compatibility.

Currently, 250 companies worldwide have access to Z-Wave technology. Thanks to our permanent cooperation and compatibility with their products, we have access to infinite intelligent building solutions and possibilities, which makes The Fibaro a pioneer on the market.

Simply put :

Anything that can be controlled by hand can be controlled by Fibaro

All Z wave Sensors/Switches are signal boosters and repeaters via MESH, allowing your Fibaro unit to cover a larger expanse of space with minimal energy use,

The Fibaro system allows for complete home automation while also being easy to maintain and non invasive. 

For more information please visit the Z-wave website.