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Home automation has been a fascination for as long as electrical appliances have existed, The ability for Super Homes that regulate themselves and help their owners have been explored extensively in science fiction, literature and film. (I.E JARVIS from the Iron Man series). Now, with the emergence of Z-wave wireless technology, home automation is now affordable, non invasive and easy to use and setup.

Fibaro, The new standard

Fibaro is a Z-WAVE Home Automation system that’s at the forefront of Home Automation technology, the system allows for any appliances that can be controlled by hand to be operated by any smartphone, wireless switch or computer with a internet connection, any where you may be(as long as you have your password).

Examples of automated processes include

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Any household appliance

The Fibaro system allows the user to automate any aspect of their home, from turning off any lights and blinds that have been left on/open after midnight to sounding the alarm if a certain cabinet has been broken into. The Fibaro System’s unique Natural Language Programming blocks allows anyone with a basic command of english to automate and configure their home to their own preferences ,on the fly.The Fibaro’s Virtual Intelligence protocol , LiLi, also allows for verbal commands and interactions. And of course, the Fibaro System also has an in depth programming options for advance users.

Z-WAVE, No more Wires

Z-WAVE is a wireless protocol, designed specifically for home automation. Standard Automation practices often require the physical replacement and or additions to existing wirings, the process is often arduous, invasive and expensive. Furthermore if anything goes wrong, the whole process often needs to be repeated, leading to many homeowners being dissatisfied with their experience.

By removing the need for wires the Z-WAVE protocol allows for easy and quick installation, it is akin to simply replacing a light switch, saving you time and costs. The Z-WAVE protocol also utilises MESH technology, in simple terms MESH technology allows for any Z-WAVE, Switch, Sensor or Accessory to automatically re-emit commands from the command unit, greatly expanding the range and versatility of that System. In practice, every single Z-WAVE device you add to a network, strengthens and extend that network.

Fibaro, personal and adaptable

The Fibaro System is incredibly well designed and elegant, without the need for physical wires the system allows YOU to have full control of YOUR home automation process/procedures so that it fits YOUR needs. You may want to start out small with only a few switches or cameras to see how things go, and as you add switches, you can ask the Fibaro system to automatically Learn about any new Z-WAVE devices that you’ve add on the fly. So, you may start with a basic security system or a way to turn off all your lights when you’re already in bed and then progressing to a fully automate system that knows when you’re coming home and prepares the heating, lighting and the coffee so it’s ready as soon as you walk through the front door. With the Fibaro system the choice is YOURS.