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The base of your smart home is high-speed internet and secure reliable wireless network. The network devices quality will affect the performance of your smart devices in one way or another. The first step in installing a smart home automation system is to check your wireless network to ensure that your device can communicate with the internet in the area you want to install it.

Your Wi-Fi Internet signal might not reach all areas of your home. Also, many users are still using traditional routers. With the increase of data-heavy activities, such as media streaming and network gaming, your router’s bandwidth might not be able to handle the addition of a smart device. Check your current usage and the device’s requirements before installing new network devices.

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    Home WiFi Devices

    IgniteNet SunSpot ac Wave2 Access Point

     SS-W2-AC2600 SunSpot AC Wave2 Standalone/Cloud-Enabled Indoor/Outdoor AP  IgniteNet’s SunSpot AC Wave2 is the most powerful, cloud-managed 802.11ac Wave2 access point on the market. The SunSpot™ AC Wave2 contains 2 independent 4x4, concurrent operation radios - one 802.11ac (5GHz) radio and one 802.11n (2.4GHz) radio - capable of delivering blisteringly...
    UniFi Pro WiFi Bundle with UAP-AC-PRO
      Home WiFi Bundles

      UniFi Pro WiFi Bundle with UAP-AC-PRO

      Ubiquiti Networks
      UniFi by Ubiquiti Networks makes it easier than ever before to upgrade your home WiFi network. This bundle contains everything you need for a fast, high density wireless network for all of your family's devices. UAP-AC-PRO is a wireless access point designed to be mounted on a ceiling or wall for indoor or outdoor use. For two story homes, you generally...
      WNAP-W2200 in wall USB and AP
        Home WiFi Devices

        PLANET Technology Wall Outlet to Wireless...

        PLANET Technology
        The Wnap-w2200 is a 300 mbps POE access point, designed to be fitted in the wall, the Wnap-w2200 easily extend the range of any wifi network.
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