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Welcome to Amcoll Pty Ltd, your #1 source for top notch wireless networking and home automation services. A quick surf of our website will unmask our wide range of services and products such as Recessed Door Sensor, Multi Sensor, Home Networking and many more. We are dedicated to giving you the very best of our services with a focus on first rate and pocket friendly wireless networking and home automation solutions services.

Discover the power of gestures with Fibaro Swipe

The intelligent SWIPE detects not only simple moves, but combinations of moves as well. The high resolution sensor interprets the most complex commands. You will be surprised by the power of your hands.

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Fibaro has been very innovative from its beginnings. The new motion sensor is called smart sensor due to its capabilities (can distinguish between person and animal) and very fine design.
Zwave modules work in Fibaro system in a mesh system, which means that not every device needs to talk to the main unit (Home Center 2). HC2 can talk to the first device in chain, than the signal bounces of this device to the next one, and so on. Retrofittable home automation systems with such option are becoming more popular and this sector will continue to grow. Amcoll Pty Ltd is supporting Zwave products along with the Fibaro and Aeonlabs products. We are also recommending Heos over Sonos for wireless speakers system.









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    Our goal is to provide innovative, elegant and complete home automation systems that will be widely accessible for all Australians, utilising the Fibaro Z-wave wireless automation technology , our approach saves costs and installation time, providing the end user with current and hassle free control and automation.
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