Our Super Home Services

Super Home Sydney is not just the best local source for home automation technology, but also a leader in design and installation of custom home intelligence. Consult directly with staff that have over ten years of experience in home automation and wireless networking.

With us, your home is in safe hands. Amcoll Pty Ltd was founded in North Sydney in 2004, and our experienced staff have been automating homes across Australia ever since.

Z-Wave and WiFi automation systems are scalable, which means you can always add more automation services in the future. Once we've upgraded your smart home, be sure to keep an eye on our store to receive news about the latest home automation technology.

Custom design

Personal consult

One stop shop

Follow up advice

Programming Your Custom Smart Home

No two smart home automation systems are built the same. We'll work with you one on one to figure out exactly how a super home will benefit your family.

Super Home staff are dedicated to finding the smart and effective solutions that will work best for your family, like integrating all of your smart devices into one simple home controller. With the touch of a button, you'll be able to monitor and control every part of your smart automation system, even while you're out.

Sydney Smart Home System Installation

Super Home is your one stop home networking shop! We have years of experience installing and upgrading complete smart home networking systems in Sydney.

Our experienced staff is more than happy to schedule an installation for your new super home automation system. We can perform installations in Sydney or provide your contractor with information about your new smart devices. Give us a call today to ask about our smart home installation service radius.

Reliable home network connectivity

Comfortable and welcoming environment

Control your smart home from anywhere

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