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Your smart home automation system will improve the convenience, comfort and security of your home. With WiFi and Z-Wave technology, you can design an intelligent home that meets the needs of your family.

  • Accessibility
  • Convenience
  • Safety & Security
  • Comfortable Spaces
  • Create Atmosphere
  • Reliable Connectivity
  • Home Management
Super Home Sydney can design and provide the perfect custom smart home automation system for your family. Check out some of the applications below to find out exactly what your smart home can do for you, then get in touch with us to start planning your upgrade.

Never Miss A Thing While You're Out

It's now easier than ever before to stay connected to your smart home even while you're away. Using your smart phone, you can remotely monitor and manage every aspect of your smart home automation system. 

Real time motion and climate sensor activation notifications

Get reliable wireless connectivity throughout your entire home

Speak with visitors and let them in using your video intercom

Enjoy Your Accessible Smart Home

Design your super home to meet the needs of elderly and disabled family members. Smart home automation systems can be built especially to increase the independence of your loved ones.

Open doors and entryways from your controller with one touch

Program lights to flash and notify you of things around your home 

Control your home automation system with voice activation

Fibaro Motion Sensor
    Smart Sensors

    Fibaro Z-Wave Motion Sensor

    The Fibaro Motion sensor is extremely portable, its small size, 44mm and long lasting battery life, up to 3 years, allows you to setup your system, change it and forget it.
    Aeon Labs MultiSensor 6 Gen5 - 6 in 1 Sensor.
      Smart Sensors

      Aeotec Z-Wave MultiSensor 6

      Aeon Labs
      One tiny device packed full of intelligence. A smart home is only truly smart when it’s intelligent. A smart home has to offer more than a schedule; it has to react to what’s occurring in a home in real-time.
      DoorBird D101 IP Video Door Station

        DoorBird D101 White Surface Mount Video Intercom

        Never miss a visitor, family, friend, the postman or even a robber. With DoorBird D101 IP Intercom you are alerted to your phone instantly wherever you may be.
        Fibaro Dimmer 2
          LED Controllers

          Fibaro Z-Wave Dimmer 2

          Fibaro Dimmer 2 is designed to work with many light sources. It enables control of lights by Z-WAVE and is easily incorporated into existing wall switches.
          FIBARO Button
            Automation Modules

            Fibaro Z-Wave Button

            FIBARO Button is a compact, battery-powered, Z-Wave Plus compatible device. It allows you to control devices through the Z-Wave network and run various scenes defined in FIBARO System.
            Oomi Bulb
              LED Lights

              Oomi Z-Wave LED Bulb

              Light affects the way we feel. Set Bulb to a forest green or songbird blue to change the atmosphere of a room. Wake up naturally with Bulb's gradual sunrise effect or relax after a long day with a warm sunset hue.

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