iEast AudioCast M5 - Wireless Music Streamer

iEast AudioCast M5 WiFi Multiroom Audio Streamer

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iEast Audiocast M5, Wireless Multiroom Sound Streamer is a small device that plugs into your speaker for streaming music through WiFi.


iEast AudioCast M5 - Wireless Music Streamer

iEast AudioCast M5 - Wireless Music Streamer. The AudioCast M5 is a compact music streaming device similar to the popular Chromecast Audio. Main difference is that it plays from NAS/DLNA as well as from online music sources. Also you can stream music to your speakers using a variety of standards – from Airplay to Spotify. You can keep adding these in order to get multi-room audio solution, ie one AudioCast per one speaker. AudioCast M5 WiFi entry-level multi-zone audio streaming system connects to any existing speaker, soundbar or home music system.

Therefore free app available for iOS/Android/PC, lossless CD quality,multiple stream/source options, supports 3rd. party music services, playlist selector, music clock and timer, left/right speaker pairing and WPS quick connect. Includes USB power supply, 3.5mm male to male audio cable. Output: 3.5mm stereo

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