Fibaro Advanced Kit

Fibaro Z-Wave Home Center 2 Advanced Bundle

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Fibaro Advanced Kit. Six intelligent devices with Home Center 2 will upgrade your home automation system to endless possibilities.  Allow GPS tracking and voice control for total automation.

Fibaro Advanced Kit

Fibaro Advanced Kit. Six intelligent devices with Home Center 2 will upgrade your home automation system to endless possibilities. Allow GPS tracking and voice control for total automation.  Not only manage lighting, sprinkles or doors but also cameras, alarm system and access control for peace of mind.

Our Fibaro Advanced Kit contains the controller and five the most popular Fibaro products:Home Center 2 Group


Home Center 2 is a brain of the system. This powerful Z-Wave controller allows to manage not only all Fibaro devices but also provides integration with some of intercoms, IP cameras, Satel alarm system, smart TVs etc. LUA editor enables creating more complex scenes or virtual devices. Additionally you can enjoy voice control for even more convenience.


With universal Fibaro Dimmer 2 you can dim from 0-100% compatible dimmable LED lights, halogen lamps or fluorescent lamps.


With relay switch you can control any 240V AC or 24-60V DC operating device - non-dimmable lights, pumps, sprinkles, door locks and many more. You can even put the double relay behind the power point and not to worry any more about iron or desk lamp left on.


Micro module that is designed to work with 3 wire AC motors. You can control any device powered by the motor - garage doors, roller shutters, blinds, motorized windows etc.


This elegant door / window sensor will detect the status of door or windows (open / close). You can get notified if someone enters the house, turn lights automatically on/off or operate your AC depending on the position of windows. You can add optional temperature measurement. Choose from bunch of colors.


Therefore Fibaro Multisensor includes 4 sensors: PIR motion sensor, light sensor, temperature sensor and vibration sensor. With it's modern design and small dimensions plus easy installation it is a must for all Fibaro users.  Arm the sensor to have instant notifications in case of breaching or tampering the sensor, use it for running scenes automatically after entering home, control the light usage depending on the weather conditions or create your own ideas for Fibaro Multisensor.

Would you like to expand Fibaro Advanced Kit?

As a result, HC 2 can control up to 230 devices and many IP devices so please have a look at the range of our products or contact us in case of any inquiries. Please note, roller shutters, relays and dimmers must be installed by a licensed electrician. Before contracting an electrician please check that they provide a warranty and electrical compliance certificate.
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